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Careers with North Star Vets: Why hiring the right characters is crucial

“It was important to me to be somewhere where my voice is heard”

Hi, I’m Christy, and as North Star’s HR coordinator, I’ll be leading our search for team members as we continue to grow over the coming weeks, months and years. 

If you’re reading this you could be a key part of our future. That’s why I want to take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about the type of people we’re looking for, the type of practice we aspire to be and how we hope you can help us get there.

I’ve worked in HR for coming up to 10 years, but when I joined North Star in 2022 I was new to the veterinary industry. While that’s been a learning curve, it’s been made so much easier than it could have been by how supportive the team are and how we’re encouraged to take ownership for our roles. 

Christy - North Star Vets

What’s great about North Star is that we’re really small but we have a real wealth of knowledge within the team. That means we have a great foundation to help our team to build from, but with lots of opportunities for people to come in and make a real impact. 

In my time here I’ve been supported to use my experience to create HR processes to suit the business in my own way and to grow – but with the support of our experienced senior team to fall back on when needed. 

It’s important to me to be somewhere where I can make an impact and where my opinions are heard and valued. 

“We’re looking to build, but from strong foundations”

There’s so much scope for North Star and we’re very much still building – we’re constantly evaluating our competitors and peers around the industry to see what they’re doing, how we can improve and what we can adapt to better serve both our team and our patients. 

We know we’ll create the practice we want. A big part of being successful will be our ability to bring in the right people who buy into our vision. 

For example, our three practice directors had very different backgrounds and experience levels coming into the business. 

We brought them in because we believed in them as people and have supported them to build their own teams and run their practices as they see fit – all while providing that foundation of industry experience and practical support in the form of centralised HR, marketing, finance and admin. 

As we look to expand we’re committed to continuing that trend, and whether it’s a new practice director or any other position within our team, we’re very much open to moulding roles to candidates who fit with our values. 

We believe that skillsets can be taught, but character is key.

“We’re making an impact – just look at our Google reviews!”

The ethos and values that underpin us as a team shines through when you see the service we provide to our clients. 

The relationships we build with our clients are very natural – and the reason for that is we care so much, and we’re genuinely nice people. We’re determined to keep this spirit at the forefront of our consideration when hiring.

The quality of our people filters through to the clients because everything is so authentic. 

We never need to discuss the best way to make our clients feel welcomed and our patients feel at ease, it’s a natural byproduct of finding people who care and are passionate about what they do. 

And you can see from our Google reviews that this isn’t just talk – we’re really making an impact. 

“It’s not lip service – our team truly cares about each other”

Something that I’ve found really helpful since I joined and that I see the rest of the team buying into is that there’s such a family feel to our practices. 

From the first point that I met our directors in my interview, through to when I accepted the role and began to meet the team, everyone has been so supportive – but not just that, so friendly and fun to be around. 

If it isn’t too cheesy, walking into one of our practices is like a metaphorical hug, and we’ve had feedback from so many of our new starters that our practices are really open and supportive environments. 

I have two young children myself – and all parents will know how our youngsters can throw curveballs at us! But there’s never been a situation where the senior team have been anything less than supportive. 

It’s not just lip service. It’s not just a message that we should take our time to sort out a crisis – it’s the follow up texts to make sure everything is okay, the genuine care and interest that’s taken in my life, and the lives of all our team. 

The reason for this comes back again to our determination to hire successfully. We want people who will fit in with our ethos and values, and who will help us to continue to grow in a sustainable and positive way.

“We tailor our support to the individual – it’s not a one size fits all approach”

Christy with family and doodle dog

We’re building a practice that is centred around what works for people. 

A lot of people are looking for more than just a financial package: a good work life balance and the chance to be present at home with families. 

The model that we have in place allows us to make this a priority. 

For example, at Sandymoor and Westbrook all of our team work four days out of five with a dedicated day off every week, which is a massive help when it comes to issues such as planning for childcare. At Burford Lane we’re able to support a number of the team on part time hours.

Whether a company is good or bad at supporting its team, often there’s a one size fits all approach. 

We pride ourselves on recognising that the definition of support can be very different depending on a person’s situation, and we do everything we can to show flexibility in how we provide it. 

We do whatever is needed to support our team professionally, whether that’s funding CPD, setting up mentor systems or backing initiatives designed to improve the services we can offer. 

Currently, we have two vets studying certificates, we’re supporting a student nurse through her training and we’re mentoring another member of the team as she starts her VCA apprenticeship. 

We value all of our roles and support growth in all of our team, including backing our receptionists through training, supporting student nurses and providing our vets with the framework to study for certificates.For a personal example, I am really passionate about supporting mental health, and the directors fully backed me to take on the role of mental health first aider, and put forward the funding for me to get the requisite training.

Again, if we’re hiring people that we believe have the personality to drive our practice forward, it follows that we’ll do everything we can to help them to hit their personal and professional goals, and to use their skills to improve the service we offer our clients.

If everything you’ve read makes you think North Star is a perfect match for your ambitions, we’d love to hear from you. 

You can see our current vacancies here, but with the speed at which we hope to grow, we’re always interested in talking to people, to work out if we’re a good fit and to work out how best we can offer you an opportunity to be a part of our story. 

For an informal chat, you can send your phone number and availability to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – and I’ll get back to you ASAP!